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  • Drug Name: - Soma (Carisoprodol)
  • Tablet Strength: - 350 mg, 500 mg
  • Available Packages: - 30 pills, 60 pills, 90 pills, 120 pills, 160 pills, 200 pills
  • Best Price: - $0.65 Per Pill
  • Best Seller: - 90 Pills x 350 mg at $93
  • Payment: - VISA, MC, Amex
  • RX: - Not Needed


Soma is a solution of get rid of major muscle pain: muscle pain is one of the major problems that disturb the normal lifestyle of a professional or a sports person. An aching muscle not only creates a problem in movement, but also brings different health problems and if it is top-notch position then it is always suggested to consult with inexperienced physician. He will assist you to get rid of these major muscle problems. Soma treatment can deal with the following diseases: Traumas of different origin, musculoskeletal pain, increased efficiency of different physical therapies, various muscles injuries, post-operative treatment associated by acute pain.


Soma is always suggested by the prescription of the medical fractioned. It is available in pill forms that come with 350gm or 250gm of composition weight. The accurate dose of this medicine is decided by a few factors like age, gender and the level of the problem and to consume this medicine you need to take a glass of water before or after the meal.


If a person has some kidney or liver ailments, there may be some regulations in dosing, which are commonly decreased. The physicians are not certain whether the active substance of Soma influences the fetus or passes into the breast milk. So, the intake of this mean in such occasions must be supervised with caution. Under age like under 12 year old people should not use it and it is not advised to operate any kind of machinery or drive any kind of vehicles, as Soma has a sedative effect during which you may fall asleep. So be careful after consuming it.


Soma is a very potent drug and can cause significant harm to your health. Therefore, you should consume it according to the doctor’s prescriptions. Take 4 equal doses throughout the day. The dose is 400mg a day and one pill contains 100mg of the main active substance. You must take 4 pills a day. However, you shouldn’t take them at once. Never change the dosage without the doctor’s prescriptions and if you don’t tolerate Soma muscle relaxant well, you may reduce the dosage.


Before buying Soma online, ask the doctor about the possible adverse effects. This drug may cause some following dangerous side effects: Head pain, vertigo, tremor, vision impairment, frequent weakness, paralysis, seizures, face swelling, respiratory failure, sleeping disorders, allergic responses. If any of these symptoms you got, ask for the professional help as soon as possible.


In case of overdose with generic Soma, fatigue, accompanied by the low blood pressure, mental confusion, breathing problems, blackouts and vertigo; call the emergency services at 112 and for ambulance at 102.


Soma is also known as Carisoprodol, Soprodal and Vanadom. It is a compound of carisoprodol with compound of carisoprodol with codeine and aspirin (codeine, carisoprodol, and containing aspirin). The mechanism of action is not defined clearly. Carisoprodol modulate neurotransmitters activities in spinal cord and reticular formation in the brain. Research has not shown any changes in muscle actin myosin activities in muscles. It is available as white tablets.